Family Law


Our partner Martha Recordon is a family law specialist and the head of our family department.

She and her team provide expert advice on issues including:

  • child protection and adoption
  • contact with and arrangements for children
  • divorce and separation
  • maintenance for the spouse and children.

In family matters, it is inevitable that tensions run high at times. So it is reassuring to know that you have our experienced team looking after your own best interests, and those of any children involved.

As our client, our priority is to resolve disputes fo you in the most effective way. We will focus carefully on the issues involved, taking an objective and realistic view, to give you knowledgeable, professional advice that is right for you and your particular circumstances.

In many cases, we know from experience the kind of order that a court is likely to make, which allows us to negotiate in a sensible, informed way to achieve a satisfactory settlement.

However, where this is not possible, we are then well prepared to represent you in court, to look after you and any assets involved, whether these are business or pension-related, farm assets or property.


This is a very specialised area of the law, involving very sensitive and extremely important issues and requiring experienced practitioners.

The Law Society recognises this and has established a specialist panel, the Children Panel, for solicitors who have passed careful, specialist examination.

Martha Recordon and Aiden Codd are Children's Panel representatives and are able to represent children, parents, grandparents and guardians in public law proceedings.

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The welfare of any children is recognised in law as the most important consideration when a couple divorce or cohabiting partners separate.

This is always likely to be a difficult time for those involved, which can make it challenging for parents to reach an agreement about appropriate arrangements for their children.

So consulting a solicitor experienced in family law is a wise move to ensuring that any agreement protects the children’s best interests. A voluntary arrangement is also considered by the law as more likely to succeed, so the courts are less likely to interfere in such an agreement.

If all options to reach a voluntary arrangement have been exhausted, we can advise and represent you in an application for an appropriate court order.

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Even the most amicable separation or divorce is likely to be difficult and stressful at times. Worrying about the legal proceedings involved, financial arrangements and what happens to you and your children can be an extra burden.

If you have not consulted a solicitor before, you may also feel anxious about seeking legal advice.

Although divorce law has been designed to be flexible, to meet the different needs of each couple and family going through the process, this can also make it very complicated.

So seeking expert legal advice will almost certainly save you time, money and anxiety and may be vital in bringing issues within divorce and separation to a satisfactory conclusion.

Our experienced family law team will draw on their knowledge of the law and their experience to give you realistic, professional advice, tailored to you and your circumstances, and designed to look after your best interests.

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A divorce is likely to involve a range of financial issues that need to be resolved. At what is likely to be a difficult and traumatic time, seeking experienced legal advice is a wise step to reaching a satisfactory settlement.

As well as agreeing maintenance for a former spouse, civil partner or cohabiting partner, and any children, financial issues that may require significant decisions include the family home, pension rights and assets accumulated before and during the marriage or partnership.

Our practical, expert advice will be tailored to your individual circumstances, with your best interests and those of your children at its heart.

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